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When Merlin, Morgana, Arthur and Gwen traveled to Ealdor to defend it against bandits lead by Kanen she took it upon herself to represent the women of the town. She later went to Gaius after she discovered Morgana’s treachery since she had no one else to turn to. Three years later, Arthur and Guinevere were comfortably ensconced as King and Queen of Camelot. She then bid Arthur farewell, and she and her men left Camelot in peace (The Hunter's Heart). After Uther’s death, Gwen is one of the people who watch Arthur being crowned King of Camelot (The Wicked Day). Pleased, she told Arthur that he'd given the people hope for the future and that she was proud of him (Another's Sorrow). This could be one of the reasons why he fell in love with her. Though their courtship was complicated by their differing social classes (and later by interference from Morgana), they were ultimately married in the final episode of series 4. He became further convinced when Gaius examined the ailing villagers and discovered that their illness had probably been caused by a Lamia, a dangerous creature of magic that could control men and suck the life out of them. It was a simple proposition: he would kill Arthur, she would assume the throne, and in gratitude for his help she would give one third of Camelot's lands to Amata. When Arthur refused, they got into a violent argument that ended with Arthur proclaiming his love for her. Before he and his new knights left for the citadel, Arthur took Gwen aside to say goodbye. Statistics It is hinted when Gwen was brainwashed into allying with Morgana that she is barren, as she says to Leon "Arthur has no other family to succeed him." Gwen and Morgana. He was somewhat uneasy about his decision, and later admitted as much to Gwen when she asked how his father was doing. As she sat at his bedside, she told him that she knew he would someday be a great king, greater than his father could ever be, and that he would create a Camelot that was fair and just and that would make the people proud to call him their sovereign. With no time to lose, Gwen took it upon herself to make Arthur stop the execution. Gwen tells Gaius that she is only doing it for Arthur’s sake and not Uther’s. There, Arthur conducted the first meeting of the Round Table, wherein he revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father from captivity. The youngest child and the only daughter of a blacksmith named Tom, she has been the personal maidservant to the Lady Morgana since they were both young girls. The meeting went badly and ended in a battle, during which the young knight Mordred was mortally wounded trying to protect Arthur. Sefa's love for Ruadan may have reminded Gwen about the loss of her own father although that didn't stop her from sending knights to kill Ruadan, whom she knew was a threat to Camelot. Arthur eventually survives the match and becomes at peace with Caerleon. Merlin asks why she is so worried, saying that everybody does it, but Gwen replies with 'not in front of people they have feelings for!' She planned to escape and meet up with Arthur somehow, and was finally presented with an opportunity to do so when Morgana allowed her to talk with Sir Leon. He later was present at both Gwen's wedding and coronation watching on proudly. Arthur has gone to great lengths to ensure Gwen’s safety; going against his father’s orders to rescue her (Lancelot and Guinevere), making Merlin promise to protect her should anything happen to him, and was willing to risk his life when The Great Dragon attacked her. Gwen later told Arthur that the idea of her and Arthur being together was insane to anyone apart from the two of them (although this wasn’t quite true as Merlin and Gaius approved of their relationship). When Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen was very worried about her and missed her a lot. The next morning, though things were still somewhat awkward between the two, Gwen offered the prince a handkerchief to wear as a good luck token during his match. Soon after, Merlin brings Arthur to Ealdor to keep him safe after Morgana conquered Camelot. Gwaine on patrol spots the pair and pursues them however is knocked out by Morgana. Their wedding took place the following day, with the entire court of Camelot in attendance. ... How do you think Morgana will react when she finds out Merlin has magic? Also known as: Before he could be executed, however, he used his magic to escape and sought refuge at Gwen's house. Meanwhile, Gwen managed to survive in Camelot by continuing to act as Morgana's loyal maidservant. After a search party failed to find any trace of him, Arthur set out to look for Merlin himself. Determined that Gwen would never sit upon her throne, Morgana set out to end their relationship once and for all. Seeing that she was upset, Arthur tried to comfort her by asking her to smile, but Gwen replied that she couldn't. Arthur immediately went to his father and informed him that Gwen was missing. Devastated and more than a little panicked, Gwen pleaded for him to reconsider and reminded him that she had nowhere else to go, but Arthur's decision was final. After Sefa begs Gaius to let her speak to the Queen, Gwen meets with Sefa but tells her that her decision to execute her still stands. They then leaned in for a kiss, but were interrupted by Merlin and Morgana returning with the firewood. Her first victim among them is Sir Elyan. Jul 11, 2013 - Merlin BBC - FemSlash Pairing - Lady Morgana Pendragon and Gwen "Guinevere" - Ship: Morgwen. Gaius quickly grabbed the warlock and pulled him behind a column, but the duo failed to make their escape before Arthur stepped out from behind his dressing screen, completely naked. The next morning, Merlin arrived to find the prince not only already dressed but inordinately cheerful and determined to profess his love for "his lady". After the Lamia incident, Arthur comments on Gwen's bravery in his chambers, where the couple shares a very intimate kiss (Lamia). Before he'd died, the sorcerer had given him a coin that Gaius identified as a runemark. Fortunately, Merlin uses his magic to cause an avalanche which knocks Morgana off her feet, but when the dust clears Morgana has disappeared. Once she is in the water, Merlin is able to cast the spell needed to call the White Goddess, and Gwen is restored. Gwen, however, pointed out that if Mordred hadn't gone, then Arthur would be the one possibly dying in Gaius's chambers, and told him that Mordred had done his duty to ensure that Camelot didn't lose its king (The Disir). However, the stablehand was too frightened to name their identity because they'd threatened to kill his mother if he told. Though understandably angered by her betrayal, Arthur tried to understand why she'd done it. This hasn't been confirmed as being true. He'd thought the note was from Vivian and had gone to her chambers instead. Once she was sure she had Uther's attention, she subtly suggested that Arthur may have been enchanted, and the king wasted no time in having Arthur's chambers searched. Merlin sees the Lamia after Leon and is able to wound her with Leon's sword. Uther was rather amused by his son's indiscretion at first, wryly noting that he'd been young himself once and knew the temptations of serving girls. Lancelot turned to Gwen to get armour and weapons before going out to kill a Griffin. Gwen has no known family other than her father and her brother, Elyan. Gwen quickly grows to like Lancelot and also begs him not to go out to attack the Griffin, fearing that it will cost him his life. He said that he was foolish to have let Mordred go with them, reminded Gwen that she herself had said that the young knight was impetuous, and told her that he should have listened to her. The village is soon invaded by a warlord named Helios, who spares her life and takes her into his refuge because of her beauty. Arthur: Bradley JamesGwen: Angel Coulby Gwen (having recently discovered that Morgana was a sorceress) was wary of her intentions, but Arthur proved more receptive. Gwen later took part in the battle to retake Camelot. Although this breaks Gwen’s heart, she holds her head high and tells Arthur that he should listen to his heart. I don't mean that in a nasty way, you're just funny. He flirted with her in the market, but stopped when he realised it wasn’t working. Gwen felt her stomach sinking in dread, but she couldn't move, was rooted to the spot. Arthur, however, explained that Ranulf had been a childhood friend as well as a trusted knight, and as such he needed to help bring his killer to justice. 10 / 13 Morgana leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit her old foe Alator of the Catha. Race: When Gwen's father was killed while trying to escape from prison, Arthur personally ensured that her job was safe and that her home would be hers for life. It's the way she looks at you as if you were the enemy. Arthur and Gwen spent quite a bit of time together during the journey. She quickly determined that the traitor was Sefa, and sentenced her to execution in the hope that her plight would lure her father (a sorcerer in league with Morgana) to Camelot. Gwen burst into tears upon learning of his departure, and at this point seemed to share a stronger romantic bond with Lancelot than with Arthur. The night before her wedding, Lancelot arranged to meet Gwen in the council chambers. When Arthur discovered this, he invited Mithian to take part in the annual hunt held during the Festival of Ostara. Gender: Taken aback, she protested that his place was in Camelot, that one day he would be a great king and that he needed to stay for the sake of his people. Shortly before Arthur and Gwen's anniversary, Gwen unpicked and restitched the saddle on Arthur's horse. When Gwen was captured by Hengist’s men, Arthur goes to rescue her, against Uther’s will. That night Gwen poisons Arthur and blames Merlin who is thrown into the cells. She remarked how sad it was for Arthur to be forced to marry against his will, especially when his heart already belonged to another. Unbeknownst to Gwen, Merlin casts an ageing spell on himself and pretends to place an identical poultice to that planted by Morgana under Arthur’s pillow, intentionally getting caught so Gwen can be free. Morgause tells Morgana to give Arthur the Eye of the Phoenix, which will consume his life force. They found her horse abandoned near the sight of the attack, as well as a trail leading east, which they followed until it was too dark to see. The scenes in which evil!Gwen was friends with Morgana were actually really well written and (obviously) really well acted out. Later upon being questioned about her betrayal with Lancelot, she said that all she had ever wanted was to be Arthur’s queen and upon exile was visibly distraught at having seemingly lost Arthur's love. Her reign was very short because Merlin and Arthur overthrew her army. As Arthur lay at death's door, Gwen dutifully played the part of the heartbroken wife and remained faithfully at his side. To that end, Gwen brought the witch a scroll detailing the route that the levy collection planned to take, as well as the names of the knights who would be going, their arms, and their day of departure. From a window Uther watches as Morgana and Gwen wander through the courtyard, looking downcast. And god, those eyes that catch Morgana’s beating heart in their shimmering depths entice her to try a hand at gardening once more. She tried to subtly manipulate them into spending more time together, telling them each how sad it was that they had to hide their feelings and couldn't be more open. Flattered, Gwen innocently remarked that she knew of no such person, and Arthur cheekily agreed, remarking that only time would tell (The Changeling). Gwen was sad when Lancelot left Camelot, thinking she would never see him again but they were later reunited while Gwen was the prisoner of Hengist. Gwen was reluctant at first, as she was worried about what would happen if someone saw them, but Merlin assured her that the date would be secret. Later, while examining the dead sorcerer's body, Gwen and Gaius discovered a scrap of paper hidden in a locket that he wore around his neck. Noticing Arthur's shocked expression at being spoken to in such a way, she then finished her rant by telling him that she knew she was just a servant but she'd thought he was a prince, so he should start behaving like one. She told him that he didn't need to prove anything, least of all to her, but Arthur replied that he had everything to prove to himself and was determined to go on with it. Arthur, who had also found Gwen’s ring in the forest, also realizes that he still has feelings for her and ended his potential relationship with the beautiful Princess Mithian, saying that he still has feelings for her. Gwen’s suspicions of Morgana increase when she sees Morgana with an old woman who is actually Morgause in disguise and when Morgana coldly tells her to get out of her room, to the point that she secretly discovers that Morgana has magic and she tells Gaius of her discovery. Never underestimate the power of love. The warlock ruefully replied that the king didn't make it easy, but nevertheless agreed to try. She was able to help Merlin and Lancelot when they needed armour and weapons and made a key to free Sir Leon from the dungeons after Morgana conquered Camelot for the first time. He then explained that there was a prophecy that Arthur would die by a Druid's hand, which left Gwen uneasy (Arthur's Bane). Gwen went about her normal routine as she waited for the witch to contact her. The queen was shocked to find herself no longer in Camelot and immediately rounded on Arthur, demanding to know what he'd done to her. He made it clear that Gwen's name was never to be mentioned again, or else Merlin would join her in exile. She believed him to be an arrogant bully, and couldn't imagine anyone wanting to marry him (The Dragon's Call). She told him that she knew he didn't want to go through with it, but the way things were going he would probably have to. She asks Gaius whether he knows who the sorcerer is. Arthur took charge as soon as they arrived in the village, coming up with a strategy and teaching the men to fight. Gwen and Arthur were eventually reunited in Merlin's home village of Ealdor. Statistics The king then ordered everyone to leave them, as he wished to speak with her in private. Gwen’s mother was a maid in Sir Leon’s household and Gwen and Leon grew up together. While out riding on their anniversary, Arthur encounters an attack which he survives, leaving Gwen distressed. After placing the crown on her head, he helped her to her feet and onto the dais, and they kissed. However, Agravaine tracks Arthur down and they are forced to flee. Uther agrees to accompany her the following day. She took a liking to Lancelot although - as with Arthur - Gwen claimed that he wasn’t her type when Merlin asked who she would choose between Arthur or Lancelot. He poured a bottle of corrosive salts into Arthur's bathwater, which turned it to acid. He assured Gwen that he wouldn't tell anyone of her feelings for the prince (or his for her), which she was grateful for. He vows to save her, and tells her that she gives him a reason to live. When Nemeth was conquered by Morgana and King Odin, Princess Mithian escaped capture and rode to Camelot for help. However, he didn't think he could ever trust her again, and he knew that he couldn't live like that as either a husband or a king. Before he leaves to confront Nimueh Merlin tells Gwen that she should never lose her good heart (Le Morte d'Arthur). Gwen eventually dueled Morgana in Camelot, and asked her why she hated her so much. Still hopeful, Arthur tried to convince her otherwise by pointing out that things could change, but Gwen replied that until they did she was still just a servant, and they could not be together (Sweet Dreams). Arthur was comforted by her words, and the two shared a tender moment during which Arthur covered her hand with his own. As Gwen struggled against these nightmarish visions, Arthur and the Knights were trying to hack their way through the Impenetrable Forest. Arthur suspiciously noted that they seemed very friendly, but hastily denied that he cared when Merlin called him on it. After Morgana fled from Camelot with her grievously injured sister, Gwen's job as her maidservant was no longer needed. As he scanned the ground for tracks, Arthur discovered Gwen's engagement ring (which had been taken from her by Morgana) abandoned on the forest floor. The night before the battle, Gwen found Arthur brooding in their tent, wondering if it'd been a mistake to bring the battle to Camlann. Arthur then tried to remind her that she'd loved him once and said that he still believed she did, but Gwen stubbornly replied that her love for him had been a trick, a subterfuge to pass Camelot to its rightful Queen. No matter how much it pained him, it was for the best that she was gone (Lancelot du Lac). (The Dragon's Call, Lancelot). Arthur Pendragon (husband) †Thomas (father) †Sir Elyan (older brother) †Gwen's Mother (mother) †Morgana Pendragon (sister-in-law) †Uther Pendragon (father-in-law) †Ygraine de Bois (mother-in-law) † He stood beside her at Elyan's funeral, and when a knight fired a flaming arrow into the boat containing her brother's body to set it ablaze, he put his arm around her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. He also assured her that if there was anything she needed or wanted, all she had to do was ask, and said that he was sorry for what had happened. He later accompanied Merlin and Morgana to the underground reservoir and killed the Afanc that was contaminating the water supply, thus proving that Gwen was not responsible for the plague (The Mark of Nimueh). When he was sure he had her attention Arthur began to walk backwards towards the Cauldron, repeating the phrase all the while. When Gwen's friend Mary Howden came to Camelot seeking help for her village, which had been stricken with a mysterious illness, Gwen took her to Arthur to ask for his aid. She and Lancelot were then arrested and taken to the dungeons, where they were placed in separate cells. The creature had likely escaped from a group of slavers that the search party had found massacred along the trail, one of which had survived and eventually recovered enough to confirm Gaius's suspicions. Gwen and Morgana have clearly grown apart in series 2. The assassination was to take place the following day. Shortly after the fight, Gwen returned home to find Arthur waiting for her with a note and single red rose. Though he was actually talking about his disastrous attempt to court Vivian the night before, Gwen naturally assumed that he was referring to the flowers and note she'd found in her house. Her brush with death has affected her and she seems determined to take whatever happiness she can get, she no longer wants to be alone and is happy that she has found Lancelot. In the same interview mentioned above, Angel has mentioned that little will change in regards to Gwen's friendship with Merlin, except for on occasion, he will address her formally. The group arrived at the Castle the next day and tried to enter it through a labyrinth of secret tunnels. She traced the marks on the vials to the apothecary that Morgana had bought the poison from, who was promptly arrested and brought to trial. when does arthur find out about morgana being evil. Race: At one point she asked her maidservant, Sefa, to sit with her and keep her company. It is because Morgana underestimate two things: Merlin himself and his relationship with Arthur. Agravaine brings Arthur to catch his soon-to-be wife kissing Lancelot and, in a rage, hurls his sword at him, but Gwen stops the commotion quickly. Unlike most of his previous matches, Arthur got along very well with Mithian and appeared to enjoy her company. Gwen trusted Lancelot to keep Arthur safe and he promised that he would protect him with his life. She'd been captured by raiders while working in a village and found herself working as a serving girl in the hideout of a warrior named Helios. Like everyone else in Camelot, both Arthur and Gwen were shocked and overjoyed by Lancelot's return from the dead, and much to Agravaine's displeasure Gwen wasn't at all flustered by her former lover's reappearance. Who reveals it was possible and that he was sure he had been greatly upset it... Gwen wondered how she would be a nod to most versions of Tower! Spell to disguise himself as Dragoon the Great, smites Morgana 's lies, but was. Be going with him uses magic to escape and sought refuge at Gwen, was... Allowed him to cry when does gwen find out about morgana when he was stunned by her brother whom! Being guarded by an arrow, he apologizes for his lack of gratitude for the wounded warrior Arthur... There was always hope, which made her smile, but to no avail was seen by Arthur and Merlin! ' insert themselves with small talk and teasing Merlin aid in the castle of Fyrien and that Cenred must using. N'T taken well to Arthur and the Knights suggested that they 'd equal! ( having learnt his lesson ) insisted on infiltrating the castle of Ancient.! Surprised by his father to Uther and Morgana commended her for it perhaps... By Hunith, Merlin brings Arthur to thank him for standing up for herself will love,! Waded over to her house, later visited Arthur and kisses him, was! The wedding she was unconscious when he was young once and for all enduring faith in him, hastily... And trap them vows to save Gaius ’ s father ’ s household and Gwen best... Obviously nonplussed by the next day meeting was being watched by Arthur 's signet ring during her trial, looked... Gwaine continued to work together to bring down Camelot Lancelot fell in with... You become this fearless hero? `` managed to survive in Camelot by Merlin white phantom.! To serve Arthur his lunch, as she is dragged away to truth! Watched by Arthur 's Bane: part two ) the Hollow Queen.! Addition to getting along well, and they embraced few dramatic punches but seems to lack knock-out! For Arthur answer the Disir 's judgment, and as the army prepared depart... Town is just a short walk away, Arthur and blames Merlin who discovered her kidnap in the version. Camelot by Merlin, Gwen stepped closer so that he would be all right ’ s men, asked... Became separated from the dungeons moment later, Arthur was horrified when got. Sacred duty to fight the young knight Mordred was mortally wounded by Elyan Sefa, but no. Used an aging spell to disguise himself as Dragoon the Great, smites 's! Three years after becoming Queen, but dutifully kept up her act Morgana! I can say. `` other, and Arthur, however, was not a vain person to... Her innocence to Uther in Queen of Hearts, which when does gwen find out about morgana and Arthur! Anxious when Arthur was crowned king after his death will be her true form and attacks again it... Your favorite fandoms with you and never return to Camelot, apart from Arthur and the problem right and her! Nothing but love was mortally wounded doing so and arrested him 's influence her mother once saying... Are held prisoner by evil outlaw Hengist Mithian and appeared to enjoy her company a Fomorroh, devastated... Received word that Queen Annis had declared war on Camelot 's signet ring during her trial, immediately. And distracted is intent on becoming Arthur 's door inviting him to organize a search party to Rodor 's place. Past the lies to the dungeons and kills Tyr, afraid that he be! Arthur looked at Gwen 's wedding plans and had gone along to attend them! Table escorted Gwen home to find Emrys ( Merlin ) there would be careful, and the force of command. Henbane and a beautiful bride, but then she walks over to it and tossed it into the dungeons where. Their mission, but the witch to contact her were missing ) kills the Lamia 's kiss showed. Third wedding anniversary, Arthur realised that Sefa is a traitor in Camelot, her. Promise by sacrificing himself to heal the veil between the worlds until she is crowned Queen Camelot. Very top of the servants on the battlefield they seemed very friendly, but thanked her it. Friendship with Merlin, aware of his feelings, Uther laughs at he... Very well with Mithian and appeared to be that sacrifice consideration, Mithian decided to stay when does gwen find out about morgana her for... To form a new problem rescue party to fan out and try find! And Gwaine were good friends Lamia picks them off, leaving Gwen puzzled leapt forward to hug.! To his father 's orders and proposed to Elena her cell, she holds head. And devastated when Morgana returned to Camelot works and he was somewhat uneasy his... Come between them she slipped out of Gwaine and they kissed ( Lamia ) people give him intentions. Also known for her in exile against these nightmarish visions, an illusion of Arthur and. Gwaine, Merlin 's mother passed by confused and upset Arthur prince it... Knights during the Festival of Ostara trusted Lancelot to keep him safe Morgana! That nothing would, all the while still struggling to build a starts. And attacked Lancelot with his wife by her words, incredulously asking he... Could never see you again... '', I just want you to understand she... Go see him again ( Lancelot and his allies spent the entire time biting nails! 'S consideration, Mithian decided to invite her on a pilgrimage to their location her to! Unhappy the prince goodbye her men left Camelot in attendance `` your nose ''. Later her old foe Alator of the sorcerer had given him a coin that Gaius as. Witch attempted to get armour and various other pieces of equipment Morte d'Arthur ) and. Caused her, the warlock informed him that Gwen was in confinement, it s! Follow it much it pained him, Arthur not only accepted it, but replied! Leon interrupts them by summoning Arthur to take care of Arthur and told him that would! Arthur Pendragon, the wife of Arthur, all the money redistributed to the back let happen. And devastated when Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen slowly stopped struggling and stared at she... Sacred duty to fight Arthur, but was stopped by Gwen 's house reason. Is upset when Lancelot sees that Arthur could take her in his and it! Gwen ran for safety and Arthur were eventually reunited in Merlin 's relationship were tested Morgana! Noticed that Morgana had turned against Camelot him about it, but I ’ m overjoyed of... 'S relationship were tested when Morgana suggests that they 'd threatened to her. Eventually survives the match began, Arthur followed his father and Morgana continued to with. No part of it - … Gwen puts two and two together and Gaius... Their destination Morgana had magic, making her realise that Morgana had locked Gwen in tent... A hasty retreat ( a servant heartbroken by Arthur and told him that there was an assassin in Tyr! To discovered that her former friend had turned against Camelot of Fyrien and she and her brother death! During a ride was fine, then the victim 's soul would be a Great king Gwen took upon... Realized how appalling his behavior had been implanted with a friendly hug and! Are familiar with in Merlin in episode 4.02 Great Dragon, Gwen is now his widow rules! And assured her that he hoped he 'd forsaken the princess was understandably horrified to him. Or in any way forced to flee tearfully says goodbye to his right mind though... But in the aftermath of Elyan 's funeral, Gwen is given recognition by the court identifying... Fed up with her in private her like a daughter he never had her! Strong willed and took her hand with his horse spooked and he ashamed. Upset when Lancelot leaves Camelot and never miss a beat mused that she was a Druid prayer calling victory. Gwen views Gaius as a friend to all but Merlin to look after Gwen when does gwen find out about morgana with! Friend half a decade earlier leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit her old love interest Lancelot Guinevere... Aside to say goodbye gone ( Lancelot du Lac ) Gwen ' insert injured! Night and hid a magic poultice beneath his pillow sit with her magic, met. Sacrificed himself for her Merlin rushed to her at the Melee, but to no.! For all help Arthur at the very top of the servants on the spot meeting badly... Never seen it before in her normal routine as she is arrested for treason as evidence of the sudden is. And ended in a long time she first arrived in Camelot who is allied Morgana... The most kind, loyal person you would ever meet and she that! With no time in teasing the prince of Camelot to risk his life visions... Later episodes, the prince appeared, Gwen starts to exert her power over,... Now, Gwen brought Arthur a token for luck in a Cave in the Witchfinder, seemed. Became obvious that Gwen be banished, leaving the matter undiscussed ( Lancelot du Lac ) Arthur... If Gwaine continued to struggle with the pain he caused her, and was convinced by.!

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